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Kuiba 3

Also Known As:
  • Kuiba III: Zhanshen Jueqi
  • Kuiba 3: Mars Rising
  • God of War Rising
  • Ares Rise
  • 魁拔III:战神崛起

Description: "Kuiba III" is the third film of the "Kuiba Pentalogy" animated film series. The film reveals the entire line-up of the Kuiba Legion, "Twelve Devils" and the mysterious character that will appear in the show—Ao Jiang. At the same time, one of the film's animated scenes shows the earthshaking take of the ultimate showdown between Kuiba's pulse beast and the Lion pulse beast.(Source: Original translation by thanatoz of
Type of film: Movie
Date it was first aired: Aug 14, 2014
Quality: HD
Movie length (approximately): 1 hour 20 minutes

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