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Tree in the Sun Episode 25

Also Known As:
  • Hidamari no Ki
  • A Tree in a Sunny Place
  • 陽だまりの樹

Description: A story set in the mid-1800's about a young doctor who has been trained in Western-style medicine and a young samurai who is trying to live up to the old traditions of his class and culture. The story is actually based upon real people - the doctor, Ryo-an, was Tezuka's great grandfather.During the Second Year of Ansei (1855) in Edo's Koishigawa are two young men, Manjiro Ibutani and Ryoan Tezuka. Ibutani is a low-ranking samurai who is a gifted swordsman and has a straightforward and strong sense of justice. Tezuka has a more carefree attitude. He has an eye for the ladies, but he is passionate about becoming a doctor. The two opposite characters come of age during the backdrop of the turbulent end of the Tokugawa Period (1600-1868 CE).(Source: AnimeNfo)
Type of film: Tv Series
Date it was first aired: Apr 05, 2000 to Sep 19, 2000
Quality: SD
Episode length (approximately): 20 minutes

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